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Kinesiology Services

Life can be busy. Between rushing to work, tending to home duties and spending time with your family and kids, there is often little to no time set aside for self-care. To make matters worse, where would you even hideaway to put a self-care ritual in place?

We understand!

Third Space Float & Wellness Studio was born from this need to have space or a sanctuary where you can retreat and put self-care rituals in place. A refuge from the pressure and stress of everyday life. The name ‘Third Space’ literally means just that; with work generally considered your number 1 space, home as your number 2 and Third Space as your number 3.

From the moment you walk in the door, you feel your body begin to soften and relax. A feeling of calm washes over you as you exhale and sink down into the soft couches surrounded by the natural light and greenery of our indoor plants.

Ready to Relax?

Book a session with one of our experienced practitioners and experience the feeling that comes with whole-body health and wellbeing.